Why do I only see a blank screen?

After logging in for the first time, occasionally some users' browsers do not load our portal properly and you may only see a blank screen or just our G logo. Here's what to do.

A blank screen on login is usually out of our control,  however, there are some things you can try to kick start your portal session.

Refresh the page

Or try accessing the portal via this link http://portal.gopassglobal.com

That should land you on the Bio Risk Map.

Navigate away from the Bio Risk Map

If you see the portal banner and a column on the left with icons in it, try clicking the top or middle icon to navigate away from the Bio Risk Map. This should take you to one of the other tools and you can then click back to the map if you want to use it.

See also

You may also need to clear your browser cache - instructions are available at:

I cannot login