Which tool should I use, Travel Risk Optimizer or Travel Risk Assessment?

You're new to the platform and are not sure what these tools achieve and when you should use them.

The key to the matter is whether your client has an existing itinerary - either a PNR or a flight that you know they want.

  • Existing PNR or known flights? Use the Travel Risk Assessment  (TRA) tool. 
  • No existing PNR or known flights? The Travel Risk Optimizer (TRO) allows you to browse for the optimal route for your client without needing a PNR.

    The TRO will present you with country overviews, including transit and flight options, each with risk scores and prices for each flight. This helps you plan an itinerary whilst balancing risk with price and airline preferences. 

    Once you've found the flight/s you want, you can click the link to download a TRA in PDF format without having to re-enter any flight details.

screen shot of Trip Risk Optimizer flight option with arrow pointing to Trip Risk Assessment buttonGenerating a Travel Risk Assessment from within the Travel Risk Optimizer flight option.