My PNR is generating an error - possible causes

Possible causes if your PNR is generating an error rather than a Travel Risk Assessment. Possible causes and what to do.

Our PNR converter takes input from all the GDS systems, however, there are cases where certain flights, airlines and airports are not recognised.

Below are some examples of this and what you can do to try to work around it if you can't wait for support.

1. Domestic only airports are not currently covered by our risk assessments

If your itinerary contains a domestic only airport, it will cause an error in the PNR converter. 

Workaround: remove the line in the PNR containing the domestic airport

Prognosis: we expect to be extending our risk assessment coverage to include domestic airports some time in the second half of 2022.

2. Airline codes, if very new or defunct can cause an error

If your itinerary contains an airline code that is very new or has ceased operating can cause an error in the PNR converter. If you're not certain or your PNR is a little old, check the status of the airline.

Workaround: Try removing the line for that airline and see if you get the same error.

3. Rail segments are not supported

Please check that your PNR does not include any rail segments. These can appear with a tag such as 'OPERATED BY XXX RAILWAYS'.

Workaround: remove the line containing the rail segment.

Requesting support

In all cases, we'd like to hear about any PNRs that are generating errors - we will do our best to help you. Please contact support to describe the problem and don't forget to include the PNR!