I cannot login

Options to try yourself and how to get assistance

Clear your browser's cache

If your login gives you a black page with the G logo in the middle but never goes any further, you should try clearing your browser's cache:

  1. Close the GOPASS tab in your browser window
  2. Clear your browser's cache
    Instructions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge
  3. Restart your browser. (Close every open window or choose the Restart/Relaunch Browser option).

Further steps to try

  1. Disable all extentions you have running in your browser and try again. Enable these one by one to determine if any are causing a conflict.
    Instructions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge
  2. Restart your computer if you are still having problems.

Reset your password

If you're not sure of your password, you can reset it using the Forgot Password tool on our portal login page.

Or you can email us at support@gopassglobal.com