Can I reduce the detail in the Travel Risk Assessment?

The TRA tool now allows you to select which elements to include in your PDF. The feature was released in our February 8th 2022 platform update.

GOPASS Global’s Travel Risk Assessment tool allows you to enter your PNR or flight numbers and dates and get a trip risk report that you can export to PDF and send to your client.

As of 8 Feb 2022, the report is flexible: there’s now check boxes at the top of each section allowing you to exclude details that you want to omit from your PDF. 

This allows you to:

  • Exclude stopover countries where you know your client is not leaving the airport, reducing the size of the PDF and the amount of information that your client has to digest..
  • Exclude flight details all together if you just want to provide country regulations.
  • Include or exclude travel guidance details for airports, airlines, aircraft, seats.

By default, all details are included so you won’t miss anything unless you choose to. You are also prompted to confirm your selections upon PDF download.